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  4. Easiest way to fuel a C42
  5. Wing Fold Kit
  6. Trim Indicator wiring
  7. Lets hope this C42 always flys VFR
  8. checking neuform 3 blade prop
  9. C42 65L Fuel Tank
  10. Balistic shute
  11. A bike fits in the C42
  12. Various work done on C42
  13. Fuel consumption meter
  14. Aerosport liqidation
  15. Second 50ltr Tank
  16. main gear spat problem
  17. Front wheel innertube failure
  18. New C42 dealer for the UK and Eire.
  19. Small pin used on trim bracket
  20. What should you look for when buying a used C42.
  21. Loop/Pioneer article stating C42s grounded for lack of bits
  22. C42 suitability for non aerobatic manoeuvres
  23. Notable airspeeds for the C42
  24. Pioneer Aviation - CAA BCARS A8-1 Approval
  25. Side hatch cover
  26. what wears out
  27. Larger Starter Motor
  28. Checklist Rev 5
  29. C42 updates ref throttle cable sticking - anyone getting any service bullletins or anything?
  30. C42 Battery Replacement
  31. C42 Hangar Skates
  32. Brake Pads
  33. Internal Corrosion of C42 Aileron Structure [PICTURE DOWNLOAD FIXED]
  34. C42 BRS Parachute rescue sytem now approved for all C42
  35. Ikarus C42 Service Bulletins
  36. Lower engine cowling screw thread stripped
  37. fuel cat reading error
  38. Spare luggage door is anyone needs one
  39. Galaxy Aircraft Covers C42 Cockpit Cover
  40. C42 sell or syndicate
  41. Bleeding brakes
  42. Wing Fold Instructions
  43. Camloc fasteners
  45. Sachs PowerDisc Brakes
  46. Fitting a Trig TT21 Transponder into a C42
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  54. kiev prop
  55. Wanted Overhead Cockpit Panel for FB80
  56. Fuel gauge not working correctly
  57. Location of transponder Antenna
  58. Ikarus owner/pilot near Blackpool?
  59. Trim Level Indicator problem
  60. Red Aviation has been awarded CAA A1 approval
  61. Trim indicator
  62. Front wheele suspension problem...
  63. Cleaning inside of Wings on C42
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