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  1. Govt reconsidered Olyimpic security flying restrictions
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  3. New: Series of CAA Podcasts for Olympics Restrictions + Free Chart
  4. File a Flight Plan Day CAA Podcast
  5. Appeal to Instructors, Examiners, etc., between now and the Olympics
  6. SkyDemon's Olympic Solution
  7. Olympic Flight Planning on SkyDemon Light
  8. Olympics Q/A: How to get both outward and return Flt Plans accepted for a 'land away'
  9. Olympics Q/A: Q about use of a 3nm 'local flying' area around an airfield within the Restricted Zone
  10. Olympics Q/A: Aren't there exemptions for flights to/from airfields just inside the Restricted Zone?
  11. Transponder buddies for a bit of flying fun for those trapped transponder-less in the zone
  12. Olympics Q/A: What happens about Olympics events away from the London area?
  13. Free Olympics Airspace Event in London 10/3/2012
  14. PM Radio 4 09/03/12
  15. Help for Olympics Practice Weekend 5/6 May for Circuit Squawks at strips/airfields within R112
  16. Olympics File A Flight Plan Practice Weekend 5/6 May 2012
  17. RAF having fun with Olympic tests today ...
  18. Relocation away from R112 during the main Olympics period?
  19. Olympic Airspace - CAA Enforcement policy
  20. Olympics Q/A: Do flight plans for R112 use have to be formally 'opened'?
  21. Attn: Airfields/strips inside Olympics restricted zone wanting to fly circuits
  22. Flying between airfields less than 5 Nm appart & changin SQ codes on route?
  23. Comprehensive Olympics Guide for Pilots now published
  24. Olympics Talk for Clench Common & Redlands
  25. Flying near Solent airspace mid July - mid August 2012? A5 kneepad insert available
  26. Early Feedback from ATLAS
  27. Farnborough Monitoring Code - 5047
  28. Atlas Q&A following first weekend
  29. Paralympics Airspace Restrictions start 2300 UTC Wed 15th August
  30. Time to drop this from the list of Public forums?
  31. Southend Controlled Airspace
  32. Popham windfarm threat
  33. Weston Park RA(T) Vfest 16th to 19th August
  34. Radio Mandatory Zone, Blackpool area, - NOW FINISHED
  35. Temp Transponder Mandatory Zone (A,C,S) Starts 16/9/13 Exeter Area (or call ATC)
  36. Permanent Notams - an abuse of process?
  37. Southend Controlled Airspace - round 2
  38. Outlook of Known Restrictions and Airspace Upgrades
  39. RAF Bent.waters: locals seeking to prevent flying
  40. Radio Mandatory Zone (size of a CTR) Southend from 18/7/2014
  41. RMZs in Garmin/Jeppesen databases
  42. Radar accuracy
  43. New FASVIG forum
  44. Southend Controlled Airspace...
  45. NATS LAMP South Coast Proposal - transfer from TAG Farnborough
  47. Hawarden RMZ proposal
  48. Restrictions of Flying (AICs) for Spring/Summer 2015
  49. RAF Leeming temporary transponder mandatory zone starts 26/10/2015 0800 local
  50. So much for ADS-B....
  51. NOTAMinfo can now generate uploadable NOTAM map files
  52. Solent Collaborative Airspace Trial
  53. Farnborough Short of Radio Resources?
  54. Oxford and Brize Norton Airspace Change proposal
  55. GA APPG consultation on ACP process