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  1. Welcome
  2. Changes at the CAA
  3. BMAA Forum Access Restored
  4. Free RT Language assessment for BMAA members at the Popham Microlight Trade Fair
  5. New Microlight Instructor & Examiner Guide Edition 5
  6. NATS Launch pre flight App
  7. Jon Hilton flies the Atlantic in CTSW microlight
  8. Cosmik Aviation sold
  9. Flying Bike Powered Parachute
  10. Panshanger Questionnaire
  11. Inverness Airspace Proposal - Will it affect you?
  12. Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) Implementation Consultation opens.
  13. BMAA Awards - Make your nomination.
  14. Medical requirement changes for JAR licence holders flying microlights
  15. CAA Announce change to check flying policy
  16. Red Arrows Infringement - Silverstone
  17. Fly the BMAA simulator at RAF Waddington this weekend.
  18. Sun shines on Strathaven? (so you know it makes sense for next weekend!)
  19. BMAA Staff Vacancy
  20. Strathaven Airfield's wind turbine objection upheld at appeal
  21. NATS high/medium risk infringements already exceed 2012 totals
  22. 600ft Industrial wind turbines to surround existing grass landing strip
  23. EASA's CRD to NPA 2012-14 - Minimum height
  24. Blimey! Can this be true? CAA consultation on deregulating all single seat microlights
  25. Wing Commander Ken Wallis
  26. Single seat deregulation consultation now open
  27. Old Sarum housing development meeting at Skies cafe today.
  28. SSDR implementation working group
  29. Autumn ATC Days announced
  30. Tail wheel training Instructors.
  31. Flying Show Poster and free ticket draw
  32. Fly into the Flying Show!
  33. Flying Show exhibitor list
  34. E-Go SSDR
  35. BMAA News item: Flying Show - More Exhibitors
  36. BMAA News item: Flying Show Seminar Programme
  37. BMAA News item: Meet the MF Editor
  38. 8.33 handhelds.
  39. Flying Show Survey Prize Draw Winners
  40. BMAA Family Membership.
  41. BMAA News Item: BMAA Response to Southend ACP
  42. General Aviation Challenge Panel
  43. BMAA News Item: Farnborough Airspace. A threat to GA?
  44. BMAA News item: Commonwealth Games 2014 - CAA event
  45. BMAA News item:Flying Show 2014 - BMAA hands over the controls
  46. Free Landing Vouchers :-)
  47. Birmingham's NEC Group has been put up for sale by the city council.
  48. BMAA News item: Farnborough Airspace meeting
  49. BMAA Website layout changes
  50. BMAA News item: BMAA Permit to Fly fees change
  51. BMAA News item: Spamfield 2014. It's ON!!!!
  52. Flight of Ikarus - Return from Cape Town
  53. BMAA News item: BMAA Job opportunity
  54. Sad news
  55. BMAA News item: The Flying Show moves for 2014
  56. BMAA News item: BMAA Membership benefits package announced.
  57. BMAA News item: GASCo Flight Safety Extra
  58. BMAA News item: Farnborough ACP. BMAA Response.
  59. BMAA News item: Insurance benefits for BMAA members
  60. BMAA News item: Pilot join in BMAA member benefits.
  61. BMAA News item: New BMAA Technical Office Administration Assistant
  62. BMAA News item: SSDR expansion announced.
  63. insurance cover on dereged microlights
  64. BMAA News item: Duxford BMAA Bonus day
  65. Sad News from Broadmeadow Hereford
  66. BMAA News item: CAA GA Policy Framework Consultation
  67. BMAA News item: Another addition to the BMAA member benefits
  68. BMAA News item: Job opportunity
  69. BMAA News item: BMAA web site
  70. BMAA News item: BMAA Safety day
  71. BMAA News item: New look BMAA Shop opens
  72. BMAA News item: Flying Show - BMAA members get discounted entry
  73. BMAA News item: BMAA staff change
  74. BMAA News item: BMAA Technical Office Vacancy
  75. BMAA News item: GASCo Safety evening programme
  76. BMAA News Item: BMAA Annual Report published
  77. BMAA News item: GAAC - Airfields & Activity report
  78. BMAA News item: New Microlight Manufacturer Approval announced.
  79. BMAA News Item: CAA Consultations
  80. New FASVIG forum
  81. BMAA News item: UK to host 2016 World Microlight Championships.
  82. BMAA News item: CAA SERA Safety notice.
  83. BMAA News item: New BMAA Staff member
  84. BMAA News item: Southend airspace
  85. BMAA News item: CAA latest SERA exemptions
  86. BMAA News item: Microlight routine weighing requirement to be scrapped
  87. BMAA News item: ANO Review consultation
  88. Sad news from Pound Green
  89. BMAA News item: GAR Consultation
  90. CAA Consultaion Survey of Medical requirements for PPL and NPPL
  91. BMAA News item: CAP 1284 CAA Pilot Medical Consultation
  92. BMAA News item: Semperit Fuel Hose Update
  93. BMAA News Item: FLYER Live tickets go on sale
  94. BMAA News item: Airspace consultations
  95. BMAA News item: AFPEx Nats will not charge private pilots
  96. BMAA News item: Flying For Freedom Round Britain Flight Completed
  97. Thanks BMAA
  98. BMAA to host Check Flying System Seminar
  99. BMAA News item: BMAA Awarded new airworthiness approval
  100. BMAA News item: Conduct of Charity Flights
  101. BMAA News item: New weighing procedure
  102. Threads moved
  103. BMAA News item: New Council member introduces himself
  104. BMAA News item: Carr Valley Airfield Planning assistance requested
  105. BMAA News item: Help keep airfields from housing development
  106. BMAA News item: GASCo Safety Evenings 2015-2016
  107. BMAA News item: BWPA offers 500 microlight scholarship
  108. BMAA News item: New Horizons - Schools building Microlights
  109. BMAA News item: General Aviation ANO Review
  110. BMAA News item: BMAA Job Vacancy: General Administration Office Manager
  111. BMAA News item: Belfast Airspace Proposal
  112. BMAA News item: RAF Leeming TMZ
  113. BMAA News item: Rugby ball in high pass
  114. BMAA News item: EASA Safety Promotion Survey
  115. BMAA News item: BWPA Microlight Scholar 2015 announced
  116. BMAA News item: Flyer Live Members' discount ticket reminder
  117. BMAA News item: Flyer Live seminar programme published
  118. BMAA News item: BMAA award winners
  119. New Royal Aero Club and British Microlight Team Facebook pages
  120. BMAA News item: Joint Owned Amateur Built Microlights Training Exemption
  121. FAI World Air Games
  122. BMAA News item: BMAA Pilot Information Leaflet published
  123. CAA launches consultation on Transition Altitude change
  124. World air games
  125. BMAA News item: BMAA Check Flying System-change update
  126. BMAA News item: Steve Clarehugh - Sad news
  127. BMAA News item: New CAA website and Skywise app
  128. BMAA News item: Check flying system change - further information for owners
  129. BMAA News item: Flyer Live 2016 dates confirmed
  130. London Transport Flying Club
  131. BMAA News item: Chart information survey
  132. BMAA News item: Microlight-friendly airfield listing
  133. BMAA News item: Help avoid Warton if flying in to Blackpool.
  134. BMAA News item: New BMAA staff member appointed.
  135. BMAA News item: Pilot wanted by the Gaurdian
  136. BMAA News item: 2015 Royal Aero Club Awards for BMAA Members announced
  137. BMAA news item: BWPA Scholarships 2016
  138. BMAA News item: NATS Electronic conspicuity trials
  139. BMAA News item: RAF Low level Frequency Trial in Scotland
  140. BMAA News item: Microlight hire - General exemption published.
  141. BMAA News item: BMAA First Aid Course for Microlight pilots
  143. BMAA News item: Two new build-a-plane projects confirmed
  144. BMAA News item: Stolen engines. Can you help?
  145. BMAA News item: Break the Rules and Pay the Price
  146. BMAA News item: CAA Launch Airspace Change Process Consultation
  147. BMAA News item: New BMAA Check Flying System is Go
  148. BMAA News item: EuroFOX gain Microlight Manufacturer Approval
  149. SSDR Rally
  150. 8.33 radio upgrade - funding approved
  151. FAI World Microlight and Paramotor Championships 2016
  152. Changes to the Self Declaration Medical system - 25 August 2016
  153. Flyer Live - Discount tickets
  154. BMAA News item: BMAA waives fees for radio upgrades
  155. BMAA News item: Changes to the NPPL qualifying requirements.
  156. Patricia Weighell
  157. TLAC and the C42
  158. New Airfield & Info from NATS AIS newsletter
  159. new CAA guidance about lost, stolen etc log books
  160. New National Policy Framework Statement from the APPG
  161. Letov Sluka
  162. Airspace Modenisation Strategy CAP1711
  163. Parachute fitted?
  164. 3 axis microlight hours for LAPL validation?
  165. GA Strategy 2018-2023 document
  166. Video version of CAA Safety Sense Leaflet
  167. Use it or lose it...
  168. Update of SN on harnesses
  169. P&M
  170. Noise Certificates, I'm confused