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Wally Hayward
14th September 2010, 11:59
Came across this when idle browsing Bike sites for ideas.


Possibly useful for U/C legs, or maybe a Fuselage "space frame" as using Carbon only, it has a tendency to shatter when it gets upset!!!

Carbon-wrapped aluminum seems to be the next frontier of materials technology and at least one company thinks the benefits may be easier to come by than previously thought. Bikeradar technical editor James Huang rolls up his sleeves to see if there’s any truth to the company hype.

We’re reasonably firm believers in the advantages of carbon-wrapped aluminum parts over their non-wrapped counterparts. When properly executed (purely cosmetic samples are obviously excluded from this group), the resultant components do seem to be nearly as stiff as full carbon parts but the aluminum cores retain the ductile failure mechanisms associated with most metals.

APT Charitable Trust
14th September 2010, 12:54
Of course you did look at the article date didn't you Wally?

April 1st :rofl:

Wally Hayward
14th September 2010, 15:12
I must admit I did not look at the date:-(

However, this was possibly because I had just been looking at the Exxon Graftek Racing Bike which appeared in 1975.
Aclaimed as the First Carbon Bike, the carbon fibre tubes were actually an aluminium-carbon fibre hybrid.
It became the frame of choice of many bike racers, but did suffer from failure of the bond.

However, Walmart are selling bikes with Carbon wrapped Ali frames


This "material" also seems to be used for racing Bike Seat posts and handlebars so might just be valid, unless it's purely a marketing ploy because carbon is thought of as good?

14th September 2010, 17:24
I would still be very concerned about the carbon/aluminium corrosion interaction. I would prefer the good old glass fibre.