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Colin Laskey
2nd January 2011, 22:10
I have seen, both on the Comco site and on Rod Jenkins (Swansea Sport Flying) site these hangar skates. There are three (one for each wheel) and from appearance look easy to use.

Does anyone have any experience of using these and If so are they any good - what are the limitations with them ?

Any information would be appreciated.



Nick F
4th January 2011, 21:49
I can't find the pictures on either site to see what the items are.

can you put the web links here for us to click and go and look?

I have used automotive skates ones in the past on cars and my ikarus C42, they pump up so you don't need to life the aircraft in anyway and have 4 caster wheels on either corner. not cheap though!

I look forward to seeing comco / Rods version.



Attached files http://cloudniner.co.uk/images/converted_files/91344=6942-searley-car-skate.jpg (http://cloudniner.co.uk/images/converted_files/91344=6942-searley-car-skate.jpg)

Colin Laskey
6th January 2011, 01:10
Hi Nick

Unfortunately they are no longer shown on Rod's site and it was some time ago I saw them on the Comco site, however I have managed to find a site selling the same item - try this link :


What do you think ?



John Parker
6th January 2011, 08:19
We have used these on my Eurostar and they work a treat on a concrete floor http://www.northerntooluk.com/automotive-equipment/vehicle-lifts/pair-of-auto-wheel-dollies_148800E.html?afc=ShoppingSite&des=GoogleShop

Search Wheel Dollies, Machine Mart do them too.

Nick F
6th January 2011, 19:59

How do you get the plane up into those skates? do you have a ramp you drive it up on?

I was going to buy a set like yours but i couldn't figure out how to get the aircraft up without getting each main wheel up on a jack on it every time, so in the end i bought the pump up type as per the picture i pasted earlier.


Colin, thanks for the link.

They do look very good and simple and are much cheaper than the car ones i have, plus the car ones are quite heavy to be moving around on their own.

I'm quite tempted to see about making a set and giving it a try. i'll order the casters tomorrow and get them made Monday at work. Should be made for much less as well.

I'll keep you informed.


Colin Laskey
5th February 2011, 01:24
I have just purchased a set of these skates and I can tell you all that they are the dogs b******s. They are extremely well made, strong and easy to use by one person. I would recommend them to anyone needing hangar skates. Of course they will only work on hard smooth surfaces since the castor wheels ore only 100mm dia.

Best regards - Colin - G-DTOY


18th February 2011, 10:56
This is what i've found when looking before... but with no plane just yet, nothing to put in them!


Colin Laskey
20th February 2011, 11:28
Hi Steve

The problem with the the type that you have found is getting your plane onto them - you will need two people and even then its difficult, believe me I have tried the ones you have found.

The big advantage with the Becker Technik ones that are purpose made are that they can be used single handedly with ease !