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Trev Bailey
4th January 2011, 13:54
Hi Guys, I went flying on Sunday but when I started for the return flight I pulled the choke on and the cable snapped at the nipple at the lever in the cockpit, has anyone ever replaced one? just phoned the Shadow Centre and they are closed until the 15th :confused: Can't wait that long, any advice would be welcome


:smhair: :smhair:

4th January 2011, 15:03
Not sure if you can un-solder the old nipple if not, have a look at
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-gY27LTU2c see if this gives you some ideas. (Not done this myself, but at 30 a pop for a new one from SFC - I might give it a go). Regards Joe

Wally Hayward
4th January 2011, 16:50
Not had this happen with the choke cable, but did with the throttle cable (Actually had never been soldered when made 20 years ago))) B^^%%$$ to get to:-)

The cable may be either stainless or galvanised, neither of which can normally be successfully soldered using "self fluxing" electrical type solder, although I have on occasions managed it.

Both types can be successfully "soft soldered" (lead/tin) using a specialised acid flux although a high tin content solder should be used if possible..

Both types should have the surfaces abraded to expose new metal before "tinning" using the appropriate (acid type) flux, or a specialised cored solder
For example
Waltons Metals Activ8 Acid Cored Solder Wire for galvanised

Both generally need a higher temperature than copper to "wet" the cable, and flux residues MUST be immediately removed with copious warm water..

Silver Solder (higher temperature) can be used successfully on both types of cable if you use a Heat gun and not an iron.

Beware some of these type fluxes release CYANIDE when heated:-(

Of great importance.
Try to ensure that the strands are "splayed out" in the nipple before soldering so that the joint does not entirely rely on the solder joint.

Good luck

Trev Bailey
4th January 2011, 16:54
Thanks Joe, 30 from SFC seems a bit steep I'll have a go at making my own up, good video.

Trev :burger:

Trev Bailey
4th January 2011, 17:11
Thanks Wally, I have sent for the cable it's the same as gear change cables for racing bikes and may tap up my mate who is an RAC man he has some great solderless nipples which have very very small grub screws, that and a dab of solder afterwards should do the trick, I'll let you know how I get on later in the week.

All the best


4th January 2011, 19:51
A good privatley owned bike shop bu if you are stuck they can do it at Flylight. well they used to. 0160494459 main offic or 01604 644222 for Skyranger.

William Russell
4th January 2011, 23:14
I would check the bike shops as was mentioned above I just replaced the left brake cable on a shadow at the weekend using just such a cable even had the correct nipple for the pedal fitted your other alternative would be a lawnmower/garden services shop as they normally make their own cables because of the diversity of machines would be too costly to keep all variants. Also as regards the solderless nipples I have used them many times with great success. I usually use a blow torch on the end of the cable once the nipple has been slid up the cable out of harms way as this causes a balling of the strands and so reduces the risk of pull through once the nipple has been moved back down and tightened.
Halfords would be my first port of call tho

Trev Bailey
5th January 2011, 08:28
Thanks lads, I'll pop out to Halfords at the first opportunity just won't tell 'em what its for


7th January 2011, 21:45
Trev if its the same as the one I replaced you need one with a nipple at both ends, not available at halfords in the correct length.............got mine by buying the cable with a nipple on one end and a solder on nipple for the other end from LAS aerospace, cant remember the price but it certainly wasnt 30 squids

measure the nipples with calipers as there are 2 different sizes available

Trev Bailey
8th January 2011, 11:31
Hi Russell I'll have a look on LAS site.

many thanks

Trev :-)

8th January 2011, 12:05
Just a thought. I never need to use my choke since I fitted a primer pump.

Trev Bailey
9th January 2011, 17:17
Andrew, I have manual primer fitted but in these cold times the old Rotax seems to need the enrichment of choke. Have been to Halfords and they have the thin gear cable as required but have "sold out" of solderless nipples so a trip tomorrow to a local independent bike shop (it's been there since I was a lad....second or third generation) to see if they have one, missed out on some good weather today but hey ho all the rest of the year to look forward to.


9th January 2011, 19:20
Hi Trev

It was certainly a good flying day today. 1.5 hours over a chunk of East Cornwall. I must say the rotax still started first pull, but it took a while to run smoothly without pumping the primer. Good luck with your hunt tomorrow. As you say we have the rest of the year to look forward to.


Trev Bailey
10th January 2011, 17:12
Sucsess, solderless nipples 1 each from the local bike shop, will get the plane out tomorrow and fit the new cable.


Trev Bailey
11th January 2011, 20:41
The plot thickens or in my case the thick plottens! I got my Shadow into the workshop to have a go at replacing the broken choke cable, I'm sure my customers all wait up the road and as soon as I get the plane out to do something they come along just to annoy me (but they pay the bills so I have to grin and bear it) anyway I removed the old broken cable and compared to the new one and you guessed it, the new one is too bloomin' short, so a quick trip to Wolverhampton to Jackson Hateley's bike shop and sure enough he has the perfect cable, apparently the choke cable for the Shadow is a gear change cable for a tandem bike (hence the extra length) anyway just 2.50 it is a bargain add on 1 for the solderless nipple and Bob's yer uncle. I don't know if it is normal but my choke is very stiff, mind you it has a long run before the splitter and the parts that are in each carb have very strong springs.

If anyone of our Shadow owning gang need a replacement choke cable and can't find one locally just give me a call and I'll pop down to the bike shop and get you one.

let's hope the weather plays ball this weekend and I can try out down the airfield.

Safe landings.......Trev

11th January 2011, 21:36
Glad you got one Trev...........My choke lever is stiff also, I put it down to the long cable run and the fact the return springs on the enrichment plungers (or whatever they are called) are quite firm

Its handy to know that a tandem gear cable is long enough (I suspected it might be when i was replacing mine, but couldnt actually source one to try)