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Bryan Plunkett
5th January 2011, 15:55
Hi, I am sure its been asked before but I can not find anything here. :blush:

Where do I get the standard lettering from, for my trike wing? (New reg.)

Is there a company who makes them or is a sail maker my best bet?

Wally Hayward
5th January 2011, 16:15
Not saying they are the best, but cheap

HJowver, any high street Vinyl decal cutting service could provide them
If not aware, details of required sizes and fonts etc are in: CAA document CAP523

Steve Wilson
5th January 2011, 20:21
Hi Bryan,

I got mine from P&M.

Paul Dewhurst
5th January 2011, 20:36
Don't use vinyl on a trike wing. The first has usually fallen off before the last has been stuck on!

Insignia cloth ( sticky back dacron)is the only stuff that does the job on a truly flexible Dacron surface

As Steve says PM stock them ready cut.


6th January 2011, 08:20
I got mine from Clive Betts, the inventor of the Bettsometer used for the Betts Test.

Clive Betts Sails, 5,Jesmond Rd,Hove,East Sussex,BN3 5LN
Telephone: 01273 417758

Cost was around 40 in 2008 when G-CFDZ was put together.

Bryan Plunkett
6th January 2011, 17:51
Thanks chaps