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andy munro
18th April 2011, 10:53
Both P1 & P2 canopies on my Shadow are quite badly scratched and I was wondering if anyone has had any success in replacing the lexan/perspex and if so where to source the materials from.

18th April 2011, 14:52
We had a very badly scratched canopy on our Eurostar at the club and it was brilliantly sorted out by someone using special cloths I think called micromesh of different grades, try a call to Mark at Galaxy he may know who or how.

Also found this on line which I think is the stuff that was used.



http://www.sylmasta.com/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Micro_Mesh_Finishing_Cloths_35.ht ml

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Nick Axworthy
18th April 2011, 16:12
Very good video here, http://www.eaavideo.org/video.aspx?v=665778628001

All about the process.


18th April 2011, 21:42
Micromesh is the dogs, however replacing the screen is pretty easy too.

I replaced the scratched 1.0mm 20+ year old screen on my old Shadow with lovely new 1.5mm Lexan. Looks fantastic and took one evening. Drill the heads off the rivets, lay the old screen over your new sheet of lexan. Draw round it then cut out using tin snips. Rivet in place starting from the middle (very important!) and work down to the edges. Gives a fantastic result and not too pricey. :smilewinkgrin:

18th April 2011, 21:47
Micromesh will be no good on Lexan polycarbonate, its surface is too soft. It's meant for acrilics like plexiglas or perspex on aircraft like the Eurostar and GA stuff.

Lexan if only finely scratched can be mostly sorted with Plexus. Build up several coats of plexus in several generous layers and it should bring back the shine. It will not remove deep scratches. Do both inside and out side of the canopy and you will sertainly see the differance.

Mark Jones

18th April 2011, 22:24
Well done Mark thanks for the correction.

Richard Ford
19th April 2011, 19:38
This is probably a silly question but is it possible to fly without a canopy in the summer months? And has anybody ever done it?

19th April 2011, 20:50
Here is a Shadow on Youtube being flown without a canopy. It is abroad somewhere. I guess it would be against the rules over here.



3rd July 2011, 19:31
To fit a replacement canopy is a Major Mod, so beware!
The reason it is major is because it requires parts to be formed rather than simply bolting on a new one. This may sound trivial in relation to a new screen - it does to me - but it is advice from the Tech office who only have our best interests at heart.
It is important to get it right. For example the rivets used are steel and not aluminium. When a screen came off a Europa it damaged the tail resulting in an accident. Don't let your screen come off due to use of incorrect parts.
Sorry that this post is so boring.