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21st April 2011, 11:43
I have completed the fuse crack modification to my Sluka (G MZGF) and am in the throes of re connecting the engine and fitting the new lexon canopy. I am also contemplating a new propeller, mainly because the original is showing signs of age but also that it (according to rumour control) may have had a hand in producing the cracks?? There are 3 props to choose from the PTL/1 list at LAA, I am considering the 62" Ivo Prop. Has anyone any advice/experience of alternative props on the Sluka, alternatively, simply what do you have on your Sluka and are you happy with it. I would be interested and grateful for your responses before I make a purchase. Does anyone have a suitable used prop for sale? Thank you.

21st April 2011, 19:23
I have a three blade Ivo-prop on mine and it performs really well. I doubt that the prop would cause cracking in the fuselage boom. Some Slukas operated from grass and I firmly believe that an aircraft bouncing about on a rough surface could push "G" forces to limits, hence the weight of the engine could cause the tube to flex.
What did you do to reinforce your boom tube ?

18th May 2011, 08:58
Roger, I posted this in another thread that might be of interest to you:

"Bill, interesting thought about the grass strip landings causing the boom cracks. My inspector had the idea that the original two-blade wooden monster prop (VZLY?) caused a lot of vibration and could have been the cause of the cracks. Don't know if he's right but fitting a three blade Ivoprop made it really smooth. Before the Ivo I fitted a GSC Tech II wooden prop but that was almost as bad as the VZLY."

In other words, go with the Ivoprop, you'll not regret it. BTW, I have created a pitch/rpm adjustment table for it if you're interested (mail me on johnself57@hotmail.com)