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4th September 2011, 14:53
I have a lovely old Typhoon Tripacer with a Robin 330. I love it because it is so basic, ie no fairing and no instruments. It is registered with the CAA as an SSDR however I was looking through the BMAA TADS info the other day and saw that it states ASI and altimeter required for type approval. Is this still the case now that SSDR is in place? I have a small portable altimeter that I sometimes carry when paramotoring and can pick up a Hall type ASI but would rather stick to the basics if the law permits.

Wally Hayward
4th September 2011, 17:37
Basically under SSDR YOU are the design authority and responsible for absolutely everything...
Because an SSDR machine does NOT have to meet the dreaded Section S, and thus NOT TADS, then I am sure that YOU decide what is or is not required.
I can find no reference to a UK legal minimum requirement to fly VFR (and Microlights are not permitted to fly under IFR), except that as laid down by the individual "aircraft manufacturer".

However, I guess that after a "woopsie"s within the law you could be required to show why an aircraft which had a minima (TADS) now no longer requires the same.
Best bet would have been to register it as a "Fred Bloggs special":-)

4th September 2011, 18:47
Thankyou Wally, a most helpful answer.