View Full Version : CAA press release for proposal to deregulate all single seat microlights

Paul Dewhurst
30th August 2013, 19:07

Mike Cowlishaw
30th August 2013, 19:45
Excellent. Would you advise individual BMAA members to respond to the consultation request, or leave it to the Council?


Paul Dewhurst
30th August 2013, 20:05
There is no party line as such on this, so feel free to respond. I guess positive responses will help offset any negative ones. Consultation not launched just yet - 'sometime in September'.

We were getting bogged down and stalled in technical argument for the batteries and BRS extension, then a change of personnel and a new way of thinking everything changed. Mike Barnard new to CAA and GA project manager is the one we have to thank for listening to the BMAA redtape challenge submission, and talking to the industry, believing in the concept and taking this forward.

it really is a game changer - expanding what we can design and build and also what can be done or Imported Everything from decommissioning back seats in XL's , Alphas and even for light plots Quiks, and Shadows etc, to being able to fit floats, and have 40 to one self launch sailplanes such as the Silent 2 electro.

Rather bewildering to us in the UK industry on just what the market will want of us now...!


pS Kev A - you may have to make good on that promise to rejoin BMAA....!

Kevin Armstrong
2nd September 2013, 12:36
Gladly, provided Geoff doesn't try and regulate it as Jeremy said he seemed to do with Paramotors...;-)

The guesswork is how they will regulate or limit the class; if they still stick to the line taken with SSDR, that they don't want flight-testing, and just plonk the old 25kg/mē of wing loading onto us, then it could be a real boon.

The necessary upgrade in airworthiness to cope with hotships left a lot of less wealthy pilots of older flexwings suffering a regime too strict for purpose; as you say, flown solo and designed to carry two people, they will have reserves of strength and make handy little touring tools.

A Quik will have too small a wing area as it is only 10.6 mē, limiting max weight to 265 kg, as the trike empty weight is 193 kilos it would accept 72 kg pilot sitting in but no fuel. To make a Quik work some careful shaving off is needed, maybe a carbon crossboom, carbon pod and a redesign of the heavy steelwork around the engine mount and main gear legs.

Cannot believe this is happening


F P Welsh
2nd September 2013, 13:43
Careful not to become the regulator yourself Kev - 25kg/m2 doesn't exist in any EASA definition, just the 35kt stall and 300kg max weight. Don't want to add anything extra do we?

Mike Cowlishaw
2nd September 2013, 15:43
Wonder if they are contemplating similar for single-seat autogyros? Seem better suited to UK winds & weather, perhaps ...

Paul Dewhurst
2nd September 2013, 16:45
Even with regulation single seat gyros have historically a truly appalling safety record. The irony is that it was the introduction of section T and A1 approval and very close CAA oversight for maintenance that seemingly lead (coincided at least) with a big improvement. So that may be a bit of a fly in the ointment for making a convincing case for deregulation there.


Mike Cowlishaw
2nd September 2013, 17:05
I thought the problems were mostly loss-of-control (not maintenance) and that that is a now-understood problem (thrust not through the centre of gravity)? Mechanically an autogyro is nowhere near as complex as a helicopter and not much (if at all) more complex than a 3-axis microlight.

And, indeed, Cdr Wallis seems to have survived an hour or two in them ... :-).