View Full Version : Para-moto equipment for SSDR

3rd July 2014, 05:40
Just purchased and tested yesterday.

Flight deck http://www.dudek.eu/en/accessories/paragliding-flight-deck.html

Very light (300 grams or so) and roomy for instruments and other things you'd need for your journey (oil, tools, sandwich and soda? :) ).


Attached files http://cloudniner.co.uk/images/converted_files/136085=9702-10438559_10202415625654174_6759088334660524724_n.j pg (http://cloudniner.co.uk/images/converted_files/136085=9702-10438559_10202415625654174_6759088334660524724_n.j pg)

3rd July 2014, 15:25
Hi Kestutis

I had previously looked at those flight decks with interest for using on my own SSDR machine...

Just wondering though how/where did you have it attached as I couldn't quite make it out in the video?

I would love to hear about your experiences with the BB Trya.