View Full Version : Early photos of rig testing

Steve Uzochukwu
24th March 2015, 14:23
From the archives - Terry Prendergast was involved with setting up the BHPA airworthiness scheme, and when he died his son Andy sent me a load of photographs from the early days of testing the then BHGA airworthiness rig and winching, some microlight wings seen on that, like the Stryker.

The photos are now in an album and will got to the British Hang Gliding Museum (http://www.british-hang-gliding-museum.co.uk/P_index.html).

Worth a look. Also of interest may be the Gerry Breen Project (http://www.british-hang-gliding-museum.co.uk/P_Online_Museum_Gerry_Breen_Project__305.html).

Glider on the rig:


Stryker on the rig: