View Full Version : BMAA News item: ANO Review consultation

27th March 2015, 14:53
The CAA has launched a consultation on a proposed review of the ANO. Further details on the BMAA New section

Steve Uzochukwu
28th March 2015, 18:16
The consultation on airworthiness is a superb opportunity for us and the LAA to rewrite Section S as something much simpler, more sensible and cheaper/easier to comply and to then present it to them.

Given workload and current re-organisation at the CAA, they will not, in the near future, have the necessary time or people to do anything for us. We need to do it ouurselves.

We should look at splitting Section S into a number of different schemes for the different types of aircraft, simplify them and present it for evaluation, ideally as a fait accompli simply for signature.

Having looked at some of the other schemes, there is the opportunity to reduce paperwork and costs. Fore example, we could cut the weight shift section down to something like 12 pages.

William Russell
28th March 2015, 23:42
I have responded to the license issue pointing out that in my opinion the re-validation flight was nothing more than a money making piece of red tape as it can be done on an aircraft you have not ever flown before and does not even have to be on type.
I can see the point if you are only doing the 12 hours in 24 months but if you are doing 25 /50 hours a year then in my opinion you should be exempt from the reval flight as you are remaining current, I am sure I am not the only one to think this.

30th April 2015, 11:07
I'd agree with that William, though I don't mind to much as I do choose something else to a go in, which is nice but I could do that whether or not it was for a re-val.