View Full Version : info needed Blade 912 45l to 65l tank mod

17th September 2007, 17:52
Hi all this is my first post as i have been meng to get around to joining the forum for a while.. I have held my licence for 2 years now and have decided to install a 65 L tank in my blade to increase my distance when flying with friends i have purchased a second hand tank that is in new condition fitting is straght forward.. what i need to know is have any of you out there submited the paperwork and if so what do i need ? as it is now standard for the blade to be fitted with 65L tank i thought the paperwork should be fairly straght forward.. any info appreciated...
Regards Ses...

Kevin Armstrong
17th September 2007, 22:42
Did you get the zip-up pod skirt with it?


18th September 2007, 13:54

Nick Axworthy
19th September 2007, 20:23
Do you need the fitting instruction.


20th September 2007, 10:10
Hi Nick, i have no problems with fitting just need some idea of the paperwork that needs sorting out... i asumed is would be a standard mod for the 912 blade as they now come standard with the 65l tank not shur what forms i need to fill out
Regards Mark..

Kevin Armstrong
3rd October 2007, 15:54
None; it is an approved factory mod. Just fit it, then get your inspector to check it over and sign it off in the log book.

Ask P&M if you are worried - Rog or Jim will confirm.

I'd get a kite with one fitted parked up adjacent then crack on.


PS bod at our field with an Alpha has one fitted, fully legal; Ray Hutty is his name, nice feller.

4th October 2007, 08:35
Hi Reg,

Many thanks for a usefull reply... I will have a work with colin bodill our inspector @ the weekend.. might even get around to sumiting the paperwork for my strobes....

Cheers... Ses