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Wally Hayward
4th November 2007, 17:38
Ref picketing the Shadow, I assumed that it should be picketed nose to ground as "normal" for nosewheel aircraft (with ballast and using the outboard wing struts as per the Manual) and with "down" elevator.

However, I have recently been advised (by a non Shadow owner) that due to the CofG being aft of the wheel, it should be treated as a taildragger.(tail down and "up" elevator) To me this would give a fairly high angle of attack and hence a propensity to fly!.

Also, does anyone ground handle their Shadow by using a "towbar" on the nosewheel fork? (again with ballast and not really covered in the manual)

Again to me this could be placing undue (and probably undesigned) loads on the nosewheel tube.


Mick Broom
4th November 2007, 20:56
Hello Mr Goldrush,
In my humble opinion and all that I do the following.
Light wind then tail into wind until the wind is strong enough to move the plane and controls around but watch it in hot weather or the plastic tail skid goes floppy.
Any strong wind and then tie it nose into wind with the nose wheel on the ground, three tie downs one for each strut top bracket and one for the front wheel, if you have a weight then put this in the front as far forward as possble.
The controls are usually happy left free until they bang about a bit
DO NOT use the front wheel to tow the plane around it will probabaly pull off, put your shoulder under the boom tube and walk it around.
Give the front wheel as easy a life as you can with up elevator on taxi and keep the weight off it when landing.
Happy flying

Wally Hayward
5th November 2007, 09:23
Hi Mick
Thanks for the info.. pretty much as I had thought.... the name's Wally by the way... must change my details: