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27th November 2007, 15:45
Need a new battery for my 582 Blade - has anyone any thoughts on Gel batteries? Are they worth extra money ? Is it worth just getting a motorbike battery ?


bert barrott
28th November 2007, 23:34
I find the Red Top superb and a distinct improvement on the cheapo battery that P and M fit as standard

El Presidente
29th November 2007, 16:38
Yep Red Top, not cheap (mine was 90) but worth paying the extra for. Its a fair bit lighter than equivalent size conventional lead acid batts (1.8 kg for my 20 AH one). You can mount it in any orientation even inverted. Its also designed to protect it against vibration and jarring which is good if you fly from a bumpy strip.

Google Demon Tweeks

Cheers, Frank

1st December 2007, 15:24
Bert / Frank,

Cheers for advice. I'll have to put one on my list for father xmas.


5th December 2007, 09:22
What about a battery that normally fits on a golf trolley, like the hill billy for example. They are about 50 quid from the golf pro. May be able to get one online or on e-bay I'm sure. Just a thought, my mates use them all the time and when I was at P&M the other day it looked identical. As a time served auto electrician, all I will say is that if it is enough to start the engine then it is big enough. So if 20 A/h is big enough to start the engine, nuf said.

5th December 2007, 21:28
Has anyone ever thought about using Lithium batteries (such as power laptops) for microlights? As I understand it, they're much lighter than lead-acid batteries and don't have any memory effect.

Where weight is critical it seems worth looking at. Or is their capacity too limited?


6th December 2007, 18:01

can you let me know part number of the red top battery you bought.

I've looked on demon tweeks and other sites for red top batteries and only one I can get small enough to fit into same space on blade ( in small moulded tray under neath centre keel in pod ) is only rated at 8 Amps for 20hrs.

It's about the 90 mark though and the right weight.


Cheers George

El Presidente
7th December 2007, 21:25
Its a Varley Red Top 20, part number is k770-k017, cost was 96.

Cheers, Frank

8th December 2007, 18:28
Have a look at the Oddyssey battery range, have heard great reports about them.