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17th July 2008, 09:26
Hi Guys
I have come across XFLR5. This is an extension of X-Foil and seems to be much easier to use. There is a manual with it on the site and a big article about it in Feb 08 Soaring digest.

I have one problem that I'm hoping that some of you with more computer knowledge than I have (not difficult) can help me with. With X-foil I can use any text file to input the airfoil coordinates, in other words I have always just pasted them into notepad and used that file. XFLR5 will only accept a "dat" file or a "wpa" file.

Can you tell me how to produce one of these file types please? I'm stuck at the moment because I can't find any way of inputting the coords.


Laurie (2)

(making progress otherwise :-).

17th July 2008, 10:25
Laurie, dont know the programme but try creating the file as you would normally has a text file then rename it useing the dat file extension.
ie change test.txt to test.dat I think you will find that this will then be accepted.