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13th February 2007, 09:03
Some will be aware of the planned banner towing exercise I will be doing on August 1st, 2nd and 3rd of this year.

The current plan is to fly from Durham around the Angel of the North and a few other spots uup north before tracking south to a site near North Weald. From this site tracking south west to Poole Harbour and back again landing at North Weald for the night of the 1st.

I will be flying local "great and goods" on the 2nd and then flying north, with banner, on the 3rd (all weather permitting).

I need assistance.

I will need a trusty ground crew to help with the launch of the banner on the 1st, uup north, and 3rd, darn south, and somewhere to land on the 1st near Poole to refuel and relaunch. I am presuming that I will be able to make Durham to North Weald on one tank even though i will be towing a 500 sq ft banner behind a Quantum912. In the event that I burn fuel faster than I expect I a diversion option enroute to North Weald just in case.

So what do I need.

Ground Crew in Durham for the morning of the 1st August.
Diversionary field enroute south and crew to collect the dropped banner at the airfield and help with relaunch.
Field near Poole to drop the banner, refueld and relaunch.
Ground Crew at North Weald on the 3rd to assist with the launch.

My estimated airspeed will only be 55mph and most of the flight will be at 500'agl.

Anyone able to assist?


13th February 2007, 09:39
I'm cross posting this appeal to the Essex Microlight Club - I'm sure there'll be plenty of offers of help


13th February 2007, 09:48
Thank you Joan - I have just broached this with North Weald.. The airfield is open for traffic over the weekend in question so I now have to convince them that this is a do-able activity..

If they say "no" then I will need to sort out another landing venue nearbyish..

Paul Eastlake
13th February 2007, 10:08
Microlight fields close to North Weald

Hunsdon? 10 mins from North Weald to the North-West - talk to Jay Madhvani

Willingale? 5 mins from North Weald to the East - but quite sensitive - I can provide a contact by PM if required. Field not always easy if strong x-wind (strip is North-South)


based at Hunsdon

13th February 2007, 10:30
If you could have a dig about and see who you can drum up it would be appreciated..



13th February 2007, 18:50

How exactly do you pick up the banner? Does the banner get held out behind the Trike and you then throttle away or are you picking it off the ground?

These are serious questions as I have assisted with banner towing previously and there is a set way to pick up from the ground on a fly by.

I would help you in any way you want?