View Full Version : Merry Christmas!

Steve Wilson
24th December 2008, 14:56
For once I was glad to see the forecasters getting it wrong today. As I stepped out of the door to join the wife at the shops the low cloud magically disappeared! By the time I was rigged, however, there were some patches of low stuff blowing in again. Sometimes you could hardly see your feet in front of your face!

Hope someone else was able to make use of the day.

Attached files http://cloudniner.co.uk/images/converted_files/39428=3213-dont-look-down.jpg (http://cloudniner.co.uk/images/converted_files/39428=3213-dont-look-down.jpg)

Peter Eveleigh
27th December 2008, 10:40
Stewart Bond got up in a Dragonfly in a T-shirt last week!

I am flying mine for the first time on Monday! I hope it is not as cold as some tell me it will be.

Gimme some of what Stew had, please!

(thanks for the pic, Steve)

Peter Eveleigh
27th December 2008, 13:08
blimey....just did a five minute job on the car and my hands are frozen!