View Full Version : Aberporth (West Wales Airport)

Dai Power
1st April 2007, 20:46
I called in there yesterday and spoke to John Green one of the airfield staff. I mentioned to him that the round wales rally is coming up soon and that we normally call in there en route to Caernarfon. Last time I stayed at Caernarfon, I must say it wasnt cheap at all when you added up the camping fee and landing fee.
As I was speaking with John, he said why dont you stay here, we have an old Sgt Mess outside, which strictly speaking isnt by MOD standards habitable, but there are a few beds in there, showers etc. If the lads want to camp on the field, thats fine as well, and for a nominal fee, I can organise a fry up breakfast in the morning.
The last time there was a fly in here, we put on a competition, and got the local takeaway to deliver up to the field, and we all had food aroung the big table inside.
John is a really nice chap who cant do enough, he also mentioned that one of the local pilots also owns a taxi firm, and will do a good deal for the pilots into town etc. Aberporth has a beach nearby which is about a mile or so i reckon.
Anyone planning a fly in or a tour, ring John Green. My advice would be only to speak to him as he is by far the most friendly one there and can organise anything for you. Tell him you read about it on this Group and it was posted by "Dai", it will jog his memory.