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3rd May 2007, 11:48
You can tell when there is good flying weather !. The posts on the forums really get scarce.
Well what do you think about this one.

What are the pros and cons of climbing at different rates from take off. At 40knots to say 1000ft the engine is at just over 6000rpm for a shorter time, thus less fuel burn, but as i see it the journey time is slightly longer. At say 50kts the engine is at he high revs for longer but the jouney time is slighty reduced. Is it better for the engine to get to the altitude quicker, and what about fuel consumption. Is there a lot a difference. Is there importrant aspects and therory i'm missing here. The book says , for the Sluka, that 40kts is the best climb rate. What is your therory on this?

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3rd May 2007, 15:28
Better wait till Jeremy comes back from his holiday for that one.

By the way - any Slukas out there that are free air cooled, with the cooling shroud off. Would save the worry of a fan belt failure/slippage.

Medway Sluka
3rd May 2007, 18:46
Victor, I have a 'cause the least stress to the engine' philosophy, so I go for max revs until about 800 ft and then back off a couple of hundred revs, not very scientific but.........!



3rd May 2007, 21:03
OK Bill, thats why its been quiet here, Jeremys on holiday. Well mine has the shroud, as u know, but did wonder why they did use a fan with all that air going around the cylinders from the prop!! Hi Paul, yes I tend to get up as quick as i can to cruseing height, but I tended to think it was just the Scottish blood in me, and didnt like to thought of all that fuel coarsing through the pipes unecessary ! hi. Do you have a gaiter over the bottom of the control yoke and a plastic tunnel covering the control wires in the pod ? Looks like it from your pic. Is that a clear pipe hanging from the engine between the back engine lord mount and the strut from the pod? Why do you have the air filter at an up angle, is it because the bungie support is pulling on that side. I keep mine horizontal, thinking about aerodynamics and all that ..hi.. I need a new fuel valve, as mine is leaking very slightly. Anybody know a replacement source. I am looking on the net but nothing seems to be the same.

5th May 2007, 10:17
Try here for the fuel valve



6th May 2007, 09:02
Yes many Thanks Ginge. I did look at these, but will any type do?. Will the cheapest do? They dont have the same model of valve thats on my machine. I recon its too old to get the exact same type, now. But I couldnt find one that was panel mounted and had the input & output in a straight line, there are a lot of right angled ones. Could I get a small straight bit of pipe and bypass the valve until I get one?. I know I have no shut off in the event of an engine fire, but surely these days, fires are even rarer than crashes eh? I will keep spread my search to the USA and see whats available. Shes deffinately running a lot happier since the renewal of plugs or taking the shields off. I was out yesterday and again the CHT was a happier 300 & 350. The EGT was 1100 & 1150, and not varying like before.

6th May 2007, 13:16
I'm glad to hear that she's running well. As for the valve, yes it is often worth looking at the US sites but I guess any valve that accepts fuel pipe of the correct size and is OK with petrol will do. The other thing to consider is, will lend itself to a nice neat installation.
Don't forget that LAS are also the UK agents for Aircraft Spruce who have as good a range of bits for sports aircraft as anybody.
Good luck