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  1. Hi Paul,
    As a fairly recent member of the BMAA and also taking instruction on the Ikarus c42 - I have been pondering a section in your very excellent 'Microlight briefing notes' Its regarding 'Exercise 16a Forced Landings Without Power' and more specifically 'Beats and Turns method'
    The graphic shows an ideal beat and turn situation - convenient trees/bushes for the loops etc. My query - Is the figure of eight method shown necessary for a beat and turn. I found myself concentrating more on completing a nice figure of eight rather than getting the aircraft into the field.
    Is there anything wrong with approximately a straight beat with a 180 at the end, always turning towards the landing area? I am probably about to put my big foot in it - I think the method as shown in the graphic would be okay flexiwing view wise, but not so useful for a 3 axis fixed wing, which I think is more akin to GA (piloting wise)
    Your comments would be hugely appreciated.
    Best wishes

    Neil Tweedie
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