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    ATV Engine progress

    Ace Aviation redrive beefed up, propeller a tad small for the job (it's saved from the little 35hp Briggs so could be a couple of inches bigger diameter...
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    [QUOTE=Bob Hood;129449]Kev, ...

    [QUOTE=Bob Hood;129449]Kev,
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    [QUOTE=Ginge Sunley;129535]No suprise to anyone...

    [QUOTE=Ginge Sunley;129535]No suprise to anyone who knows me, the trusty Thruster TST I hold in greater esteem than any of the many types that I've had the (mostly) good fortune to fly. The fantastic...
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    140 kilos static pull, not the best but as it has...

    140 kilos static pull, not the best but as it has an undersized propeller (60") this isn't bad for a tight, new motor and a guess at the right reduction ratio.
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    The B&S engine was stripped at around 100+ hours...

    The B&S engine was stripped at around 100+ hours and showed zero signs of wear or premature deterioration, everything was immaculate, oil clean and free of metal particles etc. I did find the keyway...
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    To be fair, it was bulletproof until the hollow...

    To be fair, it was bulletproof until the hollow iron camshaft snapped, they stick an 11mm steel bar down the middle in the USA, found out too late...I'd fly another if doing it again and recommend it...
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    B&S did pretty well, if I'd reinforced the cam...

    B&S did pretty well, if I'd reinforced the cam with a steel rod down the middle, or bought the slightly dearer billet version as the Americans make at Precision Cams, it would be flying today without...
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    61hp Liquid Cooled EFI engine

    Just short of three grand including VAT with all the bought-in bits

    Eight Valve OHC EFI 80 V-Twin, liquid cooled

    Been a bit of a faff sourcing all the different niggly bits (such as 25mm to...
  9. 777879Update:- After removing the gearbox and...


    After removing the gearbox and belt drive, had a lucky discovery, apparently they must have an eye on the general industrial market as it would be a superb fire pump or similar...
  10. Front suspension; aim, simple and low cost (Ace and Chaser)

    Doodled up a simple suspension setup based on a pair of spare Quik shocks, four little 6mm flat plates, either hand cut or nip into a laser cutting workshop, pushbike 140mm disc brake from EBay and a...
  11. 59650 is 41 KG without the CVT judging by the...

    59650 is 41 KG without the CVT judging by the rest of the range. Two slim exhausts and a redrive together with a radiator probably 48KG. Looks like a very good alternative to a 503, albeit a bit tall...
  12. First, the easy way to fix the early Magic silly...

    First, the easy way to fix the early Magic silly rigging is to fit a Swan Catch to the back of the wing keel, this allows the basebar to swing 200mm further forwards, and pass the nose of the trike....
  13. Sweet spot seems to be 60-80 range, did Spamfield...

    Sweet spot seems to be 60-80 range, did Spamfield in one hop in a Quik at 80mph, very impressed at the precision the factory at the time achieved in setting the cruise so accurately; later did it...
  14. Thanks Steve ...

    Thanks Steve

    Ace Aviation sent over a picture of a Can Am Quad's Rotax V-Twin, as I'd designed...
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    Nothing you can say adequate, thanks Rob. All you...

    Nothing you can say adequate, thanks Rob. All you can do is bless your own luck and hope Geoff stays well
  16. Changes to the Self Declaration Medical system - 25 August 2016

    The 'thick' view is one I've thought about, a lot.

    So - called 'thick' folk are surprisingly good at recognising they are thick; that is, they may be intelligent but not particularly good at say,...
  17. 37 horsepower off the shelf dozy industrial engine with fuel injection

    Found it on the Vanguard website, for their Japanese built engines
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    Nice Wheels!

    Nylites are still in use and I've not seen them for sale for a while, however thse are available in 4", 5" and 6" sizes, in glass reinforced Nylon and Alloy all with ball wheel bearing inside
  19. Jennifer Anniston espouses SSDR philosophy

    IF I can crack the reliability thing with the Briggs engine, the Magic SSDR Cyclone is a viable tourer; went down to Spamfield in one hop using 23.6 litres in 3.75 hours from Beverley, trouble is the...
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    Tablet for flying with.

    Don't forget the little 7" ASUS tablet, cheaper than the Nexus and GPS equipped, son bought one for 30 from Tescos, worth a punt

    Strip everything you can off it, all the manufacturer guff, spend...
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    Quik STARs Failure

    *Grateful for your perspective Paul, I'm playing with the idea of a hand winched bungee trimmer, same principle as the Quik, to obviate the need for electrics plus the risk of destabilising the wing...
  22. flexiwing....sail.....long life'......?


    I bought a Blade Winged Rapier new from Rochdale in 1998 and Roger Pattrick was quite happy to fit sheaved flying wires instead of the rolled sleeve type; I'd asked specifically because Pegasus...
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    Effects of wind shear

    Sounds like a difficulty that is hard to square even for an experienced pilot like yourself; well meant advice is great but if you need speed in hand in case of an unexpected sudden reduction in...
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    Brazilian Feedback on V-Twin 990cc

    Kleber Alvez Adorno lives in Sa Paolo, Brazil, and has been buying reduction drives to the same drawings I did for Ace Aviation for G-KEVA's Briggs 627cc motor

    It has enough spare capability to...
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    Mandatory Permit Directives

    Recently a Mandatory arrived requiring replacement of spring-rings on the Quik series, after a luff line or similar detached; I was only peripherally interested being an SSDR bodger nowadays, but it...
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