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  1. Coolant temp gauge going off the scale with power off

    I was recently flying at 3000ft with a passenger and decided to drop down to around 1000ft fairly quickly to get a better view of the coastline so came off the power to do some side-slipping. When I...
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    Wing straight, control bar isn't

    Whdn flying my Quantum 582 hands off it flies nice and level but the bar is to the left by about 6 inches. Any ideas why this might be?
  3. Cheers for the help Ginge :cool:

    Cheers for the help Ginge :cool:
  4. Best place for online info/tutorials for rotax 582 operation/care/maintainance?

    I'm now a newbie flexwing owner and novice mechanic and I'm after all the help i can get. I'm fully aware of the knowledge and help of those present in the hangar but was after some other sources,...
  5. Thread: 582 vs 912

    by Kai Foyen

    582 vs 912

    I'm new to the sport and currently in the market to buy a flexwing. I was hoping for a half-share in a Quantum 912 or something similar but finding someone willing to sell a half or to go halfers...
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