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Thread: Blade 582 Battery

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    Blade 582 Battery

    sit in it with your meter hooked up to the bit your looking at,start it( or just turn it over with mags off) ,record,stop. i dont like big whirly things,you know it makes sense!!!!
    i had 11.5 across battery cranking and only 6.5 across the starter to start with..

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    Blade 582 Battery

    John McGrath wrote:
    Nice one Ian,let us know how you get on with your battery/starting issues,mine was very marginal
    to start with but now is reliable and can gain some useful info. from looking for voltage
    drops on both positive and negative sides of the starter circuit whilst cranking the careful
    tho'! big whirly thing and multimeter to look at....
    The charger is brilliant, and worked a treat! It works through a cycle to ensure the maximum capacity in the battery.

    [2]CTEK XS800 General Information[/2]
    The XS800 model is the entry level 12v charger in the CTEK range and designed for vehicles with small batteries such as motorbikes, lawnmowers, jet skis, etc. The XS800 is also an ideal maintenance charger for vehicles with smaller batteries which are seasonally stored or used infrequently.

    [2]CTEK XS800 Specification[/2]
    • * Input voltage AC 220-240VAC, 50-60Hz

      * Charging voltage - 12V

      * Sulphated battery recovery - Yes

      * Bulk charge rate - 0.8A

      * Peak charge with minimal fluid loss - 14.4V

      * Pulse maintainance for maximum battery life - Yes

      * Current ripple (%) - 2%

      * Back current drain (Ah/month) - <1

      * Minimum battery current rating - 1.2Ah

      * Maximum battery current rating (charging) - 32Ah

      * Maximum battery current rating (maintainance) - 100Ah

      * Dimensions (LxWxH) - 142x51x36mm

      * Weight - 0.3kg

      * Insulation - Splash and dust-proof

      * Quick coupling - Yes

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