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    Escapade/Easyraider Forum

    I am a prospective Escapade owner/builder do you guys have a natter forum where you all chat? It all seems a bit quiet on here from you.

    Rgds Steve

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    Escapade/Easyraider Forum

    Hi Steve,

    Have a look at Uk_Escapade (Case sensitive.)



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    Escapade/Easyraider Forum

    Clive thanks for the information. I have tried to join the group but despite several messages to Mark have been ignored so I can only assume I am not welcome. I will have to find another means.

    Rgds Steve

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    Escapade/Easyraider Forum

    Send me amessage again Steve and I will see if it in my Spam box,

    Failing that send me your details and I will add you to the members list.


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