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Thread: Problems with my skirt.

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    Problems with my skirt.

    Hi Guys
    Need some advise, the black skirt (apron) on my GT needs a clean and a little colour restoring as some parts have gone brownish.
    What do you use to clean it? Just used soap and water in the past but I think this has contributed to the fading.
    What would you use to restore it back to black? Shoe polish???


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    Problems with my skirt.


    what about dying it black; buy one of the dyes from a wilkinsons, get some rubber gloves, a bucket and spunge. then mix th edye in a bucket and then spunge the solution on to the skirt...

    that should do it.

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    Problems with my skirt.

    Armorall Protectant. Used by bikers on plastics after washing it, to return the dull sheen and 'as new' look.

    There are a few plastic preservatives that darken faded plastics, and these work on the skirt too mate.

    Trawl the garage shelves for Cockpit Spray (apt name, eh?) or similar, use the clear spray, not that black bumper dye stuff.


    T'other Kev

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    Problems with my skirt.

    Kev, I've used shoe polish in the past on a Quantum I used to have, a little time consuming but the results were well worth the effort however it will need to be re-done a couple of times in a year.
    Someone also suggested bumper black for cars, again it will probably need re-doing throughout the year.

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    Problems with my skirt.

    I always used black spray stencil ink as used on stencils for pallets etc, worked brilliantly on any material including metal, canvas, wood etc

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    Problems with my skirt.

    Usually the wheely bin you put your cardboard in is nice and clean,use a Dylan and leave in to soak a few days, does not stain the bin,did it with a chaser skirt a few years ago.

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