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Thread: First UK Bionix Flies!

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    First UK Bionix Flies!

    After a speedy under 3 weeks from our first structural certification submission and flight test schedule proposals landing on their desk, the BMAA Tech office signed off our Tanarg with new Bionix wing -GCBVI for flight. Paperwork was collected with wet signature Tuesday 1700hrs and first flight was yesterday.

    I have made one solo flight so far and she has a 50 to 90mph trim range and good manoeuvrabilty and handling, and a pussycat stall.

    Real wow factor for me is the ability to approach and land really slowly from such a performance wing. After a couple of practices I flew a full glide approach at just 45mph! (and survived!)

    Had to do anAFI test at Ince today (well done Keith!), so havent flown it again yet, but we hope to whizz through the flight test phase and get full certification in the very near future.

    Thanks to Ben Syson and team for quick and helpful service.


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    First UK Bionix Flies!

    Hi Paul how is the Bionix coming along. Andy

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    First UK Bionix Flies!

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for posting your initial thoughts.

    The concept of the Tanarg combined with a wing displaying the speed range advertised sounds superb, however one of the talking points is the self build process (not the build) Through conversations with fellow aviators that have walked this path my perception is the paperwork and admin can take twice as long as the build. Id appreciate your, and others, thoughts on this.

    Looking forward to a comprehensive test report No doubt MF, Flyer etc will be onto this soon. It looks an impressive bit of kit and I wish you every success with it.



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    First UK Bionix Flies!

    Turnaround for the paperwork to test fly is around 1-2 weeks at present with BMAA. After the initial test flight the owner can fly it straight away (unlike a factory builts where you have to wait after the test flight for the permit to be issued).

    So if you take under a week to build it - you would be right - paperwork could take twice as long

    Back a few years when BMAA tech office had lower staff levels and lots of builds going through (sadly aircraft sales aint what they used to be pre recession) the turnaround could be 4-8weeks at times. I guess this is where the reputation came from.

    And of course if you include a raft of mods and some vital information is missing it will lengthen the timescale.

    One of my Nynja builders put his paperwork in on Wednesday and was told he should get permission to fly early this coming week.


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    First UK Bionix Flies!

    How much are they going to be Paul? A thorny subject I'm sure... well I expect to go "ouch" when you reply anyway )

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