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Thread: Heavy duty starter on 912S - wow

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    Heavy duty starter on 912S - wow

    Today I fitted a heavy duty starter onto my GT. 400 in this country but got someone to carry one over from the US for me.. pretty much HALF PRICE! (I don't know why as most other Rotax bits are much more closely priced

    Anyway, combined with a bigger battery (11Ah 230 CCA I think) it now whizzes the engine round and no horrible kick backs on start up (so far). It's brilliant

    Unfortunately the bigger body now means that there is some potential interference / rubbing between the throttle bowden cable outers and the starter.. the bowden cables are static but of course the starter motor moves with the engine... I've looked at simple rerouting and I can't see an obvious way because the bowden cables are positioned fixed due to the cable mixer etc.

    I know I'm not the first to do this... so any simple solutions? At the moment I'll probably wait and check for witness marks to see if it is a problem... unless someone who's already been through this can advise how they've done it?


    Incidentally, this site has a "trade up" offer for the standard starter to the heavy duty starter. Presumably this means not forking out for a brand new motor. How come noone else is doing this. Frankly it's poor P&M design (again) that is responsible. |

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    Heavy duty starter on 912S - wow

    Hi Gwyn I dont think you can blame P+M for the starter they just buy the units from Rotax and plonk them in.
    I thought that all the new machines come with the uprated starter cables and softstart I know mines did.
    Ps did you get the link to the software for the Satnav?

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    Heavy duty starter on 912S - wow

    It's P&M design that has too small a battery and too long cable lengths and given those conditions choosing to supply the standard starter as opposed to the heavy duty.

    And yes, thanks very much I did get it but haven't had a chance to investigate yes

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    Heavy duty starter on 912S - wow

    The larger Rotax starter motor has only recently became available - P+M could only fit the standard Rotax starter motors which thet were previously supplied with. Once Rotax supplied engines with the larger starter motor then P+M used them. Incidentally, I think that the 912 still uses the smaller starter motor.

    To help clearances:
    1. Loosen the clamp around the throttle splitter box and slide it upwards a little
    2. Add a cable tie to hold the splitter box up so that it can not slip downwards again once the clamp is tightened. I think I ran a cable tie from the clamp down around the lower end of the splitter box.
    3. Check that the throttles work correctly and smoothly with the bowden cables in a slightly different position.

    Also make sure that the bowden cables are away from the power terminals on the starter motor.


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    Heavy duty starter on 912S - wow

    Thanks very much Andy... I'll go and do some fine tuning later and report back )

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    Heavy duty starter on 912S - wow

    wow Gwynne - I'm amazed that the 11ah battery is a 'bigger' one. What on earth do they fit as standard. As any 582 owner will testify, even a 12ah battery was borderline for the 582 and you would have thought that the 912 needed more oomph.

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    Heavy duty starter on 912S - wow

    OK. All tidied up now. Had to move the throttle mixer upwards quite a bit and various cunning cable ties. It's a tight squeeze in there - mounting the new motor was one of the episodes where you can only get a spanner in and have to turn an eighth, swap the spanner over, turn the next eighth and so on for what seems like forever! Spins much faster but did still get the awful kickback on the first attempt. Might try the method of getting it spinning first and then flicking the soft start on.

    I think the standard battery is 9ah, but it's only got something pathetic like 80 cold cranking amps.

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    Heavy duty starter on 912S - wow

    One way of stopping the clunk is to take the slipper out. Mark Jackson has done this on his 912s and no more starting problems. The earlier Quiks didn't have slippers anyway, my brothers 912s Quik hasn't got a slipper.

    Its not just a 912s thing, my standard 912 has a slipper and used to bang and clunk (its had a couple of sprag replacements) until I put the bigger starter on it and a powerful solar charger it is connected to whenever not in use so the battery is always tip top.

    We've recently done away with the 912s in our C42, we were sick of sprag problems and the dreaded start up clunk...replaced it with a standard 912 instead and no more issues :-)

    Its not just a P&M thing, anything fitted with a 912s our field alone two C42's, a ban bi and various quiks all exhibit the same thing with the 912s.

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    Heavy duty starter on 912S - wow

    Just fitted the conair big starter motor to a none slipper clutch 2004 912S 170 only.....what a fast prop spin,no more starting issues, it's made in Taiwan ,but so is the mate's wife,and she works just fine !!!

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