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Thread: Camping / Campervan / Caravan / Motorhome Overnight Stays

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    Camping / Campervan / Caravan / Motorhome Overnight Stays

    Hi All.

    There must be many of our members who would like to drive about and visit the local tourist
    attractions while perhaps calling in to visit a few of the farm strips or local licenced airfields,
    while bringing along the family perhaps for a short break or travelling holiday.

    Would it be of interest to our members if we could form a list of airfields/farm strips who would
    be willing to give permission for short stay pitches at their property free of charge? Co-ords
    and a name and contact number might suffice for the permitting member to be contacted for
    permission and availability?

    I'm asking because I would like to come over this summer myself for about a week and would
    be interested in doing the camping bit as cheaply as possible and at the same time visit a few

    Would any members be willing to provide camping permission to our BMAA members if they have
    some available space? Could be start a forum for this with perhaps a list for each county?

    Interest anyone?


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    Camping / Campervan / Caravan / Motorhome Overnight Stays

    Might be worth asking in the Microlight General Chat forum/thread (this bit is for technical support of the website, I think, so few people watch it).


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