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Thread: Paragliding wing on paramotor

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    Paragliding wing on paramotor

    [3]Quick question about Paramotor wings; Can I use a paramotor under a wing that is primarily used as a paraglider? [/3]

    [3]I’ve only looked on the Gin site at the ‘beginners’ wing and it states it is suitable for both but what is the weight of the motor/prop etc – does the extra thrust mean I can enjoy both with one wing?[/3]

    [3]Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on the subject – I have a chance to do a bit of paragliding in the UAE and may get a motor for the UK.[/3]

    [3]Cheers - Keir [/3]

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    Paragliding wing on paramotor

    You can, and you may be better off with a paraglider that is certified with (optional) different risers to use with a paramotor.

    Examples here:

    EPSILON 6 Paramotor

    Gin Gliders which can be used for motoring

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