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Thread: Rans Coyote S4 & S5

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    Rans Coyote S4 & S5

    Hi Mike,

    Interested in this ac, would you recommend doing a taildragger conversion or would normal 3 axis training do. Also I have read somewhere that the S4 is a bit twichy in any sort of wind & can be a handful to fly, what do you think?

    would welcome any advice, comments.


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    Rans Coyote S4 & S5


    It's a microlight fixed wing a/c. Read the red marked TIPS here >

    S4 is tail dragger, S5 tricycle u/c both need care on landing.


    if you need more pls PM me it's quicker as I only casually monitor the BMAA site.

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    Rans Coyote S4 & S5

    Cheers Mike great site

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