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Thread: Sluka rebuild project - advice sought

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    Sluka rebuild project - advice sought

    hi guys, i'm a newbie to Slukas but have rebuilt many flexwings... please could anyone advise me on the following: I am about to purchase (but haven't yet) a free aircooled 447 to put on my Sluka... would i need a fan as well, or special ducting to enable better cooling? When i bought it my Sluka had a liquid cooled 462 with small rads, but i have used that on another aircraft which i still have. (so i could put it back on!) Would there be any benefits in using a 462 over a 447? My Sluka was originally owned by Nigel of SkyDrive. he had delimited the carb for some reason but i am not sure why... he had restricted full throttle by putting a bolt through the top of the carb and stopping full power being possible. Maybe it was being used for competitions which might have had something to do with it. Anyt thoughts? I have a number of props available, the approved ivo prop 3 blade (65" but i can cut it down), a Brolga 3 blade 62" and an Arplast 3 blade 64". I had though to use the Arplast... any idea what the LAA is like for using non-standard props?
    I understand from some of your posts that the main fuselage tube had some issues with cracking, where about's were these? The aircraft is based at Damyns Hall in Essex, is anyone interested to have a look at it before i start throwing money at it!? It looks in reasonable condition but needs a new set of skins. I want to restore it back to as good a condition as is possible. cheers
    Ian MacAdam aka Learn to Fly 07968-957756

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    Sluka rebuild project - advice sought

    You may find this interesting

    The prop situation is a CAA thing, so I would doubt there is any differance between the organisations on that issue.


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    Sluka rebuild project - advice sought

    Hi Ian, a PM to Gerry Holland may be an idea as he re-built his Sluka and let me fly it a few times before selling it, what a lovely aircraft that was to fly low and slow.

    Regards Graham

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