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Thread: Flash 2a rigging

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    Flash 2a rigging

    Hi Iam having a problem putting the tension keel wires onto their retaining pins, in spite of 2 hairy flex types pulling like mad. :cry: Before I resort to employing the hulk I just want to make sure i not missing something, should the tension be this tight? I must say at this point the wing has been stored in its bag for a coulple of years but there are no apparent kinks or twists in the wires.

    Any comments / advice would be welcome

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    Flash 2a rigging

    I was working on my Flash IIa wing this afternoon. I moved the hang bracket assembly from the front hole to the middle hole. When tensioning my wing I could have used just one hand to position the two brackets onto the keel stubs.
    1. When tensioning your wing is it stretched out tight on both sides?
    2. Are the battens in the correct positions?

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    Flash 2a rigging

    A bit of a guess -
    - on some wings the Xtubes can catch on the top of the roll bracket, depending upon how the wing rests on the ground.
    - The side wires may be snagged (check they are loose as the X tube tension is applied)

    Good luck

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    Flash 2a rigging

    I could not see any snags and I think I had the battens in there correct positions. I am going to try again this week checking every bit at a time.


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    Flash 2a rigging

    When you open the wing up to its fullest extent...are you doing it in small steps each side and keeping the wing tip close to the ground when walking in out so not to strain the nose plates...(is that what there called)

    I need to sit on the ground with my feet against the control bar to be able to get the req pull on the tensioning rope...


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    Flash 2a rigging

    Solved it !! Just go's to show its best to ask someone, very embarrassing but an invaluable lesson.
    The solution pull only one tensioning cord not both! :blush: :blush:

    Thanks to all

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