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Thread: AX2000 propellor

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    AX2000 propellor

    Gmzjl was driven by a two blade GSC Systems Tech 2 wooden prop. Sadly it needs a new one. Anyone know where I can get a replacement, new or good used condition

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    AX2000 propellor

    It's alway well worth checking with Mark at he is your best chance of a used prop.
    I see that the TADS include an Ecoprop as well as the GSC. I don't see any others listed in the TILs but that dosn't mean that no others have been approved and have a noise certificate issued so It's worth a call to Tec Office, I've always found them very helpful.
    Is yours the type of GSC that the blades can be replaced on? If so may be worth a look if the hub is OK.

    Good Luck

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    AX2000 propellor

    Many thanks Ginge on the info re props for my AX2000. I'll check with the tech dept and the other addresses. Mike

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