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Thread: Runway designation change

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    Runway designation change

    The crosswind runway at North Weald has changed it designation. It used to be 13-31 and is now officaly 12-30, so if you need those drop in to see us over by hangar 4.

    I wish I'd known, I hadn't got around to bagging that runway but with a bit of cunning I could have had four directions on one runway.

    Oh well that's life, I rather enjoyed the oddity that we had one runway 20-02 and the other 13-31 maximum confusion :smilewinkgrin:


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    Runway designation change

    There should be a bonus prize for getting 4 numbers off one runway in a year
    I've only just bagged 29 at Chatteris so have now got all 8 . If they change it will make things easy

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