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Thread: Fitting a Trig TT21 Transponder into a C42

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    Fitting a Trig TT21 Transponder into a C42

    Has anyone had experience of fitting a Trig TT 21 transponder

    in a C42.

    The Trig comes in 2 parts 1 x control unit fits into Instrument Panel

    2nd Part the Transponder fits where ever you wish.My request is

    has anyone fitted the 2nd part and where did you end up fitting it??

    Your experience would be appreciated



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    Fitting a Trig TT21 Transponder into a C42

    Clearly the 'first and second parts' must be positioned in a location that will be compatible with the CofG of the aircraft (i.e. modification/requirement for re-weight etc).

    As you appear to have identified the Instrument Panel for the Control Unit may I suggest that given the Transponder's likely deteroration due to UV light you fix the Control Unit where the sun cannot shine.

    Additionally, I would strongly recommend that matron is advised of appropriate transponder codes to enable 'some degree' of fast find should there be any lapse of memory on your part.

    If I can be of any further assistance please dont hessitate to get in touch.

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    Fitting a Trig TT21 Transponder into a C42

    Hi Paul
    I have taken in to consideration your very helpful suggestions
    I have fitted the components of the Transponder with these
    In mind.
    Your thoughts on the UV contamination was a great thought
    One would normally not take this important factor in consideration.
    I think I have overcome this,so on each sortie I insert the
    Control command into the place where the sun does not shine.
    This resolves the UV problem.
    This has some downsides,unfortunately when I need to
    Further to your valid suggestion regarding communication
    With Matron. She has agreed a react favourably to code
    SIXTY NINER......
    Thanks again for your valuable contribution.
    May you Fly in peace !!!!

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    Fitting a Trig TT21 Transponder into a C42

    Hello Colin

    How did you fix the antenna to the hull? I assume a ground plate.
    I am about to fit one any advise of Photos you could offer would be great.



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    Fitting a Trig TT21 Transponder into a C42

    Hi Mark

    Received your email today, I wont be going to the airfield until the end of the

    week,then depending on the weather.

    The fitting of the ariel and the ground plate was straight forward,saying that

    I did feel aprehensive drilling the hole.once that was done every thing went well.

    The ariel is inserted from the outside,through the ground plate which is inside the aircraft and

    the ariel securing nuts were fitted.

    I fitted the tranponder under the seat centred. the ariel was fitted apprx 5" to 6"

    to the rear of the Transponder, nearer the better I seem to recolect.hope that helps.

    If you want to ring me please do so,




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    Fitting a Trig TT21 Transponder into a C42

    Thanks Colin

    Thanks fr your help.
    Unfortunately the Guy I was buying the Transponder from went and sold it to some one else (coming from Germany) Gerrrrrrrrrr.
    My search starts again.

    Thanks again


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    Fitting a Trig TT21 Transponder into a C42

    Hi Mark
    Good to speak to you today,if you need a photo,I an going down to the airfield this Thursday.
    Let me know if you want one.Send me your email address

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