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Thread: Welcome to the world of liitle radials and Dymeena

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    Welcome to the world of liitle radials and Dymeena

    I used to own G-MZMK, which I sold in 2013. I bought the aircraft from an RAF flying instructor, who had the misfortune to get caught in a hail storm, resulting in pock marking to the front of the wings and the fuselage. Apart from looking a little unsightly, this did not seem to affect the flying characteristics and I spent many enjoyable hours flying the aircraft during my period of ownership. Prior to my purchase the engine had been rebuilt, apparently following the ingress of a loose screw. The engine ran very sweetly and inspired confidence. The current owner needs to check if a minor leak on one of the cylinder base gaskets has been fixed. More importantly, when I sold the aircraft, it was identified that some of the wing caps on the starboard wing were de-laminating. Also that there was a small area of structural damage on the back of the same wing. Surprisingly this had not been identified by the Examiner when I had the aircraft permitted. It was only picked up when a different inspector looked over the aircraft for a prospective purchaser. On discovering the damage I sold the aircraft for 2,000 less than my asking price, to a chap who ran a business which employed a laminates expert. He had intended to have his expert carry out the necessary repairs, but I don't know if this ever happened. The aircraft appears to have changed hands three times since I sold it and remains out of permit. The latest owner, Peter Waller has attempted to contact me through a link on You-tube, but I cant get back to him through the link. I had always regretted selling G-MZMK but am happy to say that I have now bought G-MZCK. This Chevvron also hasn't been in the air for a few years, so some recommissioning work will be required. I have another aircraft that I am currently working on and as much as I would like to drop everything and get the Chevvron flying, I am trying to contain myself otherwise the current project wont get finished.

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    Welcome to the world of liitle radials and Dymeena

    Hi Ian I am Peter Waller and own G MZMK and thanks for that information. Ian Hogg has been down to my home yesterday and he has stripped the damaged wing and is drawing up a plan of action for the repairs. I purchased it for 6500 with the trailer and I purchased it from the business man you mention but so far all his contacts have not been able to help with the carbon fiber repair so all my hopes rest with Ian Hogg who has been brilliant. I am after an rpm gauge to replace the tiny tach that is in it at the moment and I have not noticed a leak on one of the cylinder base gaskets but will certainly check. Its my first aircraft and from what I have read about the Chevvron it is going to be perfect for me in every way including hopefully some gliding and soaring etc. Anyway my tel is 07976 881263 and anything you can to to help me get it back in the air would be brilliant! I live in Weston Super Mare. Thx Pete

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    Hello Ian,

    Hello Ian, we were in touch a few years ago regarding the Chevvron and I wander if you remember me !
    I want to obtain one of these little aircraft, as you say they are becoming rather thin on the ground.
    I am at this time negotiating the purchase of one which includes the trailer thank god !
    Are you still doing the permit renewals and repairs to these little gems.
    cheers Harry Morris.

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    Have purchased G-MZMK from Pete at Weston, you know it as you have done a few annuals on it. I live in Cornwall and the aircraft is now based at Perranporth. I think the idea of a group is a good one but it seems people dont want to admit they own one or we have the last of the few. I have only flown it for about an hour before I purchased it from Pete but have a fair bit of Air -time.I hope others join in.

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