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Thread: Tigercub 440 info

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    Tigercub 440 info

    Have you looked at Ginge,s webiste on rebuilding a Tiger Cub..

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    Tigercub 440 info

    Hi Steve,
    The person you need to contact is Ginge on this forum, he was most helpful for info on tigercubs,
    I am hoping to start work on G-MMGF now that I have passed my test,
    What is wrong with G-MJRU.

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    Tigercub 440 info

    Thanks for the reply guys.
    Ian, sadly she is in need of some serious loving. I think in a previous life she came down hard as she has a poorly wing. It's nothing a small amount of imagination and some fabric can't fix though. The power plant is in A1 condition and most of the structure is complete so it's a good base aircraft to start working, whilst leaving me enough scope to put my own stamp on. Iam still working on the licence so I have time to get her right.
    I will take your advice and contact Ginge.
    Thanks Steve

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    Tigercub 440 info

    Just spotted on e-bay, 2 Tiger Cubs in one lot. Nothing to do with me.

    Edited to remove the link - they just sold.

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    Tigercub 440 info

    Good to bring it up John, it's a bit of a mess and that's the one shown.

    The fuselage foam panels look bad but shouldn't be too much hassle although I'm more concerned about the possible state of the ply wing ribs. Interesting that the elevators are tipped with winglets, a la Challenger optional mod, presumably to give better directional stability with the standard rudder as seems to be fitted, I've not seen that one before

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