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Thread: Big thanks to Red Air

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    Big thanks to Red Air

    For Malc driving down to sort my permit after I screwed up. Service second to none, and one of the 2 main reasons for buying a C42!

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    Big thanks to Red Air

    Gary, Thanks for you kind words as we do try to help when we can.

    You also made me think that perhaps we could do a bit more to help all C42 owners as we have the email addresses of most owners and I think my computer skills are just enough to link a calendar with a database to send out a reminder when their permit is due?

    With the permit inspection now allowed up to 60 days before expiry and the hope that the check flight can be done by the aircraft owner soon which would eliminates weather problems, there should be ample time to arrange a date that suits all involved.

    Please let me know what you all think?



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