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Thread: Spray Paint for GRP repairs

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    Spray Paint for GRP repairs

    Hello all - I have effected a small cosmetic repair to one of my C42 carbon fibre wing tips (non structural). The repair is sound, but the colour match of the 'white' gell coat repair I used leaves the repair visible (if you look hard enough).
    Can anyone suggest the best spray paint (in a can preferably) that I could use to re-do the finishing so as to have a good colour match.

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    Spray Paint for GRP repairs

    Hi Colin

    You will need one of those Acrylic paints that come in an aerosol. Most Auto shops sell them.

    Make sure you thoroughly clean the surface after you have keyed the surface with 1000 - 1200 wet and dry. Use the wet and dry ... well... Um wet ! This helps keep the paper unclogged and lubricates resulting in a better even keyed surface too.

    For best results take it off and get someone like me to spray it with an acrylic from a spray gun.

    Good Luck

    Mark Jones

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