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Thread: S6 RANS Wing Fold

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    John Murphy

    S6 RANS Wing Fold

    I have just this year converted to 3 axis from flexwing and my home airfield has limited space in the hanger. Therefor I need to fold the wings on my S6 RANS 582. I have built a support and tried it out yesterday but do not feel very confident with the process. I have flown flexwings since 1980 (hang gliders, foot launched and finally a GT450) so rigging from the bag has never been a problem. I would be most grateful if any other RANS pilots with the same wing fold experiences could offer any advice and tips etc.

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    S6 RANS Wing Fold

    Hi John
    I also have a S6 with wing fold which lives in a shipping container.
    I've always blagged a helping hand when rigging and derigging.
    Its a big wing area to be caught by the wind if trying on your own

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    S6 RANS Wing Fold


    Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you a RansMail with an illustrated article by an owner who does it single handed on his S6 with 582 (nose-wheel).

    mikehallam@btinternet dot com

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