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Thread: Increasing the number of BMAA Members

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    Increasing the number of BMAA Members

    I understand that the PFA require every Member of PFA Permit syndicated aircraft be Members of the PFA.

    Could I propose that BMAA rules be amended so that every Member of a BMAA syndicate aircraft is required to become a BMAA Member. I understand that at the moment BMAA Membership can only be encouraged, not mandated but perhaps the rules can be looked at?

    Large groups are proliferating around the country taking advantage of low cost high performance hot ships and a number of these groups have large numbers of SEP pilots who have morphed over to the dark side but are not contributing to the very Organisation that is enabling them to fly faster and cheap(er) !!


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    Facinating old thread - still relevant topic.

    And bouncing a less relevant thread off the front page.
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