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Thread: Increasing the number of BMAA Members

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    Increasing the number of BMAA Members

    Thanks Colin

    I'm only an infrequent UK visitor these days so excuse my aim off ? I agree that the ease with which one can travel to a venue is a major factor, but Flybe ??? My own experience of this bunch of pillocks is hit or miss service with a flight cancellation and delay schedule which beggars belief, despite a fleet of very nice aircraft. I do use them frequently when in UK to visit farflung places like Belfast (often as not cancelled first thing on a Monday morning) and Southampton (Not much to do there for six hours, believe me).

    I was actually mooting the possibility of the exhibition being taken "on the road" beyond the midlands to attract non dedicated pilots / microlighters / accepting that those already steeped in the sport will make the pilgrimage if able ?

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    Facinating old thread - still relevant topic.

    And bouncing a less relevant thread off the front page.
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