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Thread: Request for an flight in a RANS S6

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    Request for an flight in a RANS S6

    As per my topic in the General Chat Forum, I am starting out on the journey of getting my licence, I have had a few hours with an instructor, but in the new year around April, I am looking to buy my own aircraft... This is where my dilemma occurs.. I have narrowed my choice down to a Thruster T600 or a RANS S6,
    I would like to experience a flight in both, before I make that ultimate decision.

    So this is where you guys come in, I live in Somerset on the Devon border and looking for a owner who could take me up for a flight in a RANS S6.
    I am retired (but only 52) so not to decrepit, so I am available most days.
    I would of course pay my share in any costs.

    Thank you and I look forward to a reply. Andy

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    Request for an flight in a RANS S6

    I might be able to help with the Rans Andy, but it has a 912 so it might spoil you :-) I am NE of Bristol, near Chipping Sodbury.

    It might be worth a trip to Weston Zoyland though as I suspect they have both there.

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    Request for an flight in a RANS S6

    Hey Andy, Just wondering if you had any update on your situation? I am interested in looking for a similar aircraft in a similar budget, so I'm interested to hear how you got on, and if you were able to find a good example of one for that price.

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    Request for an flight in a RANS S6

    Andy I'd definatly recommend that you go to one of the Jabiru courses held by the LAA. Ours has been a great little motor, but it helps a lot to understand them. A nice looking aircraft with a great wing fold, enjoy


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