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Thread: BMW R1200

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    BMW R1200

    Does anyone have the actual real live measured weight of the R1200 rather than a 'its looks heavy' 'my mate said they are heavy' assumptions?

    I'd be interested to see one hanging on the scales, come to think of it I'd like to see a ready to go, oil, exhaust and all 912 on some scales - anyone got any pics?

    At the moment I only know of one R1200 being converted for use in a microlight in the UK, I'd be very interested to hear from anyone else who is actually doing this to compare notes.

    Its nice to be home, shame about the weather.


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    BMW R1200

    Andy that looks really smart...

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    BMW R1200

    I do know a guy the fitted a BMW to an X Air...had to do a lot of machining work to fit it...sorry I dont know which model it was but can find out if was a few years ago,

    I know he had to replace it after a few years with a 582.


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    BMW R1200

    Some years ago Deepak tried offering a BMW modified for aircraft, I don't think that it went well but I've no idea why not


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    BMW R1200

    Hi Guys,
    my first post on this forum. See this link for a Safari that is fitted with a BMW. Lots of info. I am busy fitting a 1200 in one of my Explorers at the factory. I will post pics of the installation and performance over time.
    Some other projects here, just scroll through the pages

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    BMW R1200

    Here's a BMW R series engine fitted to a French registered Quantum.

    I don't think it's the 1200 but it's the same family.

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    BMW R1200

    Steve Uzochukwu said;

    "Here's a BMW R series engine fitted to a French registered Quantum.
    I don't think it's the 1200 but it's the same family."

    The engine in the photo' is an 1150 BMW 2000 - 2005 or there about. This is the single plug version. The later model was twin plugged and of course would suit our application better. I would be perfectly happy to sit behind this engine all day.

    I have an 1150 GS I have owned since new with 100,000 hard miles on it and it has never missed a beat. There are a few examples about with double this mileage. The later 1200s are can-bus and I have no first hand experience of them but I would expect them to be ok also.


    PS The photo by Andy Baron is of a 1200.

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    BMW R1200

    The trouble is your BMW probably only averaged 50-70mph, averaging only 10-20hp for all those miles.

    No wonder they last well on a motorbike!

    Makes a Rotax 912 averaging 50-100hp pretty good for the weight! But you have to pay for it of course!


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