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Thread: Thermostat modification on a Quik 912s

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    Thermostat modification on a Quik 912s

    Dave Morton wrote: the front mod comes into it's own when you have all your touring gear and a full tank etc, the suspension will not bottom out whilst taxying which I felt with my original set up. I seem to remember something about a calculation that stated over 30% of the original suspensions travel was used up as the aircraft sat empty, sure someone will correct if I'm mistaken.
    Hi Dave,
    I have the earlier plastic front wheel with the suspension from the quantum era. Works well , never an issue. Suspect all the concerns with the later P&M suspensions as designed for Blade.

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    Thermostat modification on a Quik 912s

    GT450 type screen would be my first choice,but you have that.

    1,000 Electric Trim.....the best value for money "add-on" and your Quik will be worth more when you come to sell.

    300 Aero foil rear suspension looks great and saves about 1-50 an hour on fuel.

    400 New style front forks complete
    100 Armstrong mod to front forks

    Purely coz they look nice....Engine Covers

    Have all the white bits re-plastic coated 15 a part when I had mine done.

    All prices are a rough idea only.

    As I can fly either in the same day, I find the electric trim is worth every penny and more, and getting it fitted is as simple as dropping you Quik off at P & M one week and picking it up the next.

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