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Thread: Quik or Quantum?????

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    Quik or Quantum?????

    G-WANA by any chance ?

    Paul Dewhurst wrote: Quik wing first flew in the late eighties - it was called the bandit then, and was a small q derivative that was sold abroad as a one plus one. It sold best in Italy where Poalo Rossi mated it to his trike? I flew one in a competition in the early 90's in Italy. it was a darling then.

    The story goes that Pegaus didn't sell one for some years then had an order, and decided to test fly it themselves as they hadn't done one for a while. They flew it under b conditions on a classic trike. It was just after the UK rules changed to the stall speed definition. After the test flight the light bulb was lit, and fin was hacked off, some extra reinforcement added A frame shortened, trimmer added, and it was stuck on a quantum 912 trike with shortend pylon. After a bit of rework on trike wheel fins Pod area and windscreen the Quik proper was born. And quite a revolution it was.

    So maybe not a case of getting it right with a first time guess, but rather a smart rebirth of an old design for a new era.

    I was down with Dave lord at Wanafly last week helping him put together his new school swift! and he went front a Quik to QuikR for school plane a couple of years ago, but misses the Quik, which he reckons is the best trike ever made and has sold his R, and just taken delivery of a new Quik wing. Dave knows his trikes, almost as well as his onions, so it is an endorsement of how good it is..


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    Quik or Quantum?????

    Weight really matters with the Quik.
    At 300kg it's the best plane ever invented.
    At 350kg it's a brilliant plane with some vague landing behavior.
    At 400kg it's a great plane with some odd behavior.

    The key is how it flies at very low speed. When the weight is high it's possible to force it off the ground at a speed when it really doesn't want to fly. Below 50 55mph you have very little roll control.
    So on take-off you need to steal yourself to wizz along a grass runway in a supermarket trolley at 60mph rather then try to unstick it as early as possible.

    On landing you come in above 60 to maintain good control and then hold off as the speed decays. It will then decide when it's had enough. That last foot of the landing is quite unpredictable.
    If you have plenty of runway space then it's not a problem. You just come in fast. Hold off. Plonk. It will just drop the last foot. If you don't have much runway length then you have to nurse it in on final at 60 and work hard to keep it straight on the centreline so that as it slows down you don't need big control inputs.

    The key to making your Quik as good as it can be is the centre nose batten. I can't emphasise this too strongly. That has a bigger effect on the low speed behavior than anything else. It has to be perfect if you want it to fly slowly, i.e. if you want to have good control at low speed and be able to approach at a speed slow enough that you can stop before the hedge. Unfortunately it flattens out after only a couple of landings so you're going to have to work hard if you fly out of a short strip.

    It's very instructive to get a brand new sail on your Quik. When the sail is new it will fly all the way down to an indicated 45mph, but that only lasts a few weeks. Very quickly it settles and the low speed flying goes out of the window.

    THE one thing to watch out for is an into-wind landing on a windy day. You approach as normal nursing it down at 55 60. Then suddenly it drops as it goes through the wind gradient and looses flying speed. The temptation to push the bar out at this point is overwhelming. You must pull the bar in at this point otherwise you will end up in a heap. You learn to anticipate this and fix your aiming point accordingly.

    Remember; Simon Baker won a World Championship in a Quik so it is possible to fly it accurately. In my opinion that takes knowledge and practice.
    Laurie (2)

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    Quik or Quantum?????

    Into strong wind, particularly a crosswind, in my quik I will make my approach fast @70+!! 55-60 approach with a strong cross wind and you're going to get a slapping :-) (got the t shirt) ...the speed will bleed off very quickly so you tend not to over run.

    Speed during the landing phase in a quik is definitely your friend until you get used to it.

    Also agree with Laurie that during take off it is important not to just stick the bar straight to the strut, if you try that and it starts to get airborne when not ready it will kick you. Better I've found to build up the speed and then give it some.

    In this respect I've found that they are totally different to a GT or quantum. However with a bit of practise short field is still perfectly doable. All of this is directly proportional to weight (as you would expect - but seems to be more pronounced in a Quik)

    Go for a Quik :-)

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    I was just reading back through this thread. Thanks again everyone for your advice. Almost 4 years later what happened? Well I ended up getting a tip off about a lovely Quantum 503. It had not flown in a long time, approx 10 years, and was derigged in a cow shed, dirty and unloved. I bought it for a really good deal and took it back to the Airfield and thanks to a couple of friends we stripped it down and washed and cleaned every nook and cranny and got it fully rigged again. Everything was going well but the engine needed to be sent away to Eccelston Aviation. I was also in the middle of a house sale and house move. So my spare savings for a Quik 912 were swallowed up by the new house purchase. I bought it in August 2014 and have had 3 good years of flying it so far. I am still very much interested in a Quik, but for now I will be in my lovely Quantum 503 for another 2 to 3 years. But when the time comes I will be keeping an eye out for a nice Quik.

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