G-WANA by any chance ?

Paul Dewhurst wrote: Quik wing first flew in the late eighties - it was called the bandit then, and was a small q derivative that was sold abroad as a one plus one. It sold best in Italy where Poalo Rossi mated it to his trike? I flew one in a competition in the early 90's in Italy. it was a darling then.

The story goes that Pegaus didn't sell one for some years then had an order, and decided to test fly it themselves as they hadn't done one for a while. They flew it under b conditions on a classic trike. It was just after the UK rules changed to the stall speed definition. After the test flight the light bulb was lit, and fin was hacked off, some extra reinforcement added A frame shortened, trimmer added, and it was stuck on a quantum 912 trike with shortend pylon. After a bit of rework on trike wheel fins Pod area and windscreen the Quik proper was born. And quite a revolution it was.

So maybe not a case of getting it right with a first time guess, but rather a smart rebirth of an old design for a new era.

I was down with Dave lord at Wanafly last week helping him put together his new school swift! and he went front a Quik to QuikR for school plane a couple of years ago, but misses the Quik, which he reckons is the best trike ever made and has sold his R, and just taken delivery of a new Quik wing. Dave knows his trikes, almost as well as his onions, so it is an endorsement of how good it is..